Win Gatchalian for Senator

Senator para sa edukasyon



Ilagay si WIN sa Top 8

win gatchalian for senator
Lumibot po ang mga Win Gatchalian supporter sa Cavite upang ipakilala at ipaalam sa mga Caviteno kung bakit si Win Gatchalian ang ating Mr. Right sa Senado.

The summer heat is on and so is the campaign for National and Local elections. With only three weeks left before elections kailangan na nating mag-full blast ng kampanya para mailuklok natin sa Senado si Kuya Win Gatchalian. Continue reading “Ilagay si WIN sa Top 8”


Happy Birthday Kuya Win!


Call it destiny or fate basta masaya ako na isa ako sa mga na-invite sa birthday ni Kuya Win Gatchalian! Continue reading “Happy Birthday Kuya Win!”

7 exciting facts in store for Congressman Win Gatchalian this Year of the Red Fire Monkey

Chinese New Year 2016

It’s Chinese New Year! No doubt our fellow Chinese-Filipinos (Chinoys) did various preparations to celebrate the Year of the Red Fire Monkey. They might have shopped for the feast, cleaned the house, offered food and incense to their ancestors, name it… OR, they could be reading out write-ups on paper and online about what the horoscopes have to say about their future; or, until Jan. 27 of 2017, at least.

A public servant like Valenzuela City Congressman Win Gatchalian is no exception to this. Of course, he is stoked with what great things will unfold in his life come Chinese New Year.

Cong. Win is born on the year of the Tiger; and will celebrate his birthday on April 6th. According to Chinese Astrology, Tigers have the quality of being a leader, are ambitious, charismatic, enthusiastic, courageous, and trustworthy. Great. This just perfectly describes him, right? That being said, it would be likely that predictions (integrated online) will be as convincing as it is with his characteristics. Well, we’ll see…



Because the Tiger is an enemy of the Monkey, they say the Tiger has the tendency to face some challenges in his career. With this, it is recommended to use his experience, knowledge and wisdom to solve the circumstances. In the absence of the ability to come up with a solution, then he has to seek help and learn from someone else. He must be flexible enough to adjust their strategies to the changing environment when encountering issues.



Although a Tiger is prone to merely small illnesses—such as colds, cough, and fever, he needs to be a keen observer and watchout for his liver and nervous system.



A Tiger will have a not-so-good fortune trend this year. He needs to be mindful of the people yearning for his money. Greediness must be eliminated. And most importantly, he should be thrifty.



The perfect match for him would be Dragon, Horse or Pig. Ox, Snake, and Monkey must be avoided—they’re worse for him. Once our solon finds “the one”, the two can encourage and help each other—making them the best lovers. They share the same value in life and money, and are both ambitious. Eventually, they will live a harmonious life.



A Tiger like Congressman Win Gatchalian will be busy during this month, and should take contingency plans to protect against unexpected nuisances. More, he should improve this interpersonal relationships and gain more client information. Lastly, he should also be cautious about the risk of heart and lung diseases; as well as hypertension, because he will be vulnerable to ailments at the end of the month.



A Tiger will be easily involved in meaningless arguments during this period, hence it is advised to be wise and play safe instead of taking actions he’ll regret in the end. Relationships won’t run smoothly in this month… Therefore, he should avoid getting entangled with his ex-lovers. Finally, he should stick to an exercise routine, and see a doctor to check that he’s fit and healthy.



Everything will go well if unexpected help comes to those born in a Year of the Tiger in May. He will have an investment opportunity at the end of the month, and the savings in his bank account will increase considerably. He won’t get enough sleep due to being overtired—hence, it is advised to travel and explore places he’s never been to.

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