Nationalist People’s Coalition (NPC) senatorial candidate and Valenzuela City Rep. Sherwin Gatchalian said yesterday heads must roll as a result of the five-hour power outage that hit the Ninoy Aquino International Airport-Terminal 3 (NAIA-3) and which has placed the country anew at the center of international ridicule.

Gatchalian, who appeared as guest in the Manila Bulletin Hotseat interview, said the fact that the country’s premiere airport has not installed power generators to address exigencies like the Saturday incident already underscores the need for  NAIA management to shape up.

“Incompetence at the gateway of the country has no place in a country in the thick of a fight for economic progress,” he stressed.

“The NAIA management has a lot of explaining to do why there was no back-up power source like a generator set for Terminal 3 which could have prevented the delay in 31 flights and 66 cancelled flights. This is already reflective of the kind of leadership in DOTC and NAIA and sorry to say, but they have to go,” said Gatchalian.

In the same forum, the former Valenzuela City mayor said he has placed education on top of his list of legislative program for the Senate.

“I have been an advocate of education. That is what we pushed for in Valenzuela. We put a lot of our budget, time and effort to make sure that all the kids are in school,” he said.

Valenzuela City, Gatchalian boasted, has two college education institutions which he and his brother, incumbent Mayor Rex Gatchalian, established

In Congress, at least 70 percent of the Valenzuela City lawmaker’s total number of legislative proposals is centered on education reforms.


A supporter of the K to 12 education program, Gatchalian authored a bill that abolishes tuition in all state colleges and universities in a bid to give the youth in rural communities a better chance of finishing college.

He also encouraged local government units to set up special education centers to give children with disabilities better access to learning.

Valenzuela City, Gatchalian disclosed, has recently opened a SPED (Special Education) center that would provide assessment services, physical therapy, and occupational therapy services to special children.

Gatchalian, vice chairman of the House Committees on Housing and Urban Development and on Metro Manila Development, also vowed to support the anti-political dynasty bill and reject divorce and same-sex marriage measures.

Although two of his siblings are occupying elective seats, the administration lawmaker said his support for the anti-political dynasty bill is borne out of his belief that better governance can be guaranteed by a stronger check and balance policy and transparency.