Congressman Win Gatchalian is known for his education reform “Free Higher Education Act” (House Bill No. 5905) and continuous to draft education-related bills that will help students to be more competitive.

I bet you have read it on newspapers and online news sites his say on education. From that we choose three of Kuya Win‘s awesome, remarkable quotes on education.


  1. Yes, I agree that education is the best weapon to combat poverty in our country because knowledge is power.

Win Gatchalian on Education


2. With Kuya Win‘s proposed measure “Free Higher Education Act”, I can say that he is really looking after the welfare of the youth. He believes that every Filipino deserves high quality education. To make it accessible, he has proposed a tuition-free education in all state universities and colleges (SUCs) in the Philippines, isn’t it awesome?

Win Gatchalian on Education


3. If Win Gatchalian has dreams like ours, it could mean he would really try his best to fulfill his dreams. I read and heard so many times that he did well in improving the education experience of students in Valenzuela City. The development of schools to provide every student conducive classrooms and facilities that will motivate students to go to class is definitely a big leap in the city. Isn’t it amazing if the whole country would see and experience this?

Win Gatchalian on Education

(Photo sources: Official Website of Win Gatchalian)