Here are what we think Valenzuela City Congressman Win Gatchalian‘s career if he wasn’t a congressman.

1. Basketball Player

Comments on Win Gatchalian‘s Facebook Page are helpful when you want to know more about him. Our curious mind found out that he played basketball in high school when was studying at Grace Christian School and in college at Boston University. Sadly, because of his tight schedule, Kuya Win only considers himself now a basketball enthusiast.

basketball player_2 Win Gatchalian

(Source: Win Gatchalian – Facebook Page)

2. Superhero

If your superhero is RoWin (haha, it’s corny, isn’t it?), we mean Kuya Win, you can rest assure you have shoulders to lean on. You know he would be there in times of crisis. He could be our real-life superhero.

superhero Win Gatchalian

(Source: Win Gatchalian – Facebook Page)

3. Matinee Idol

Move over Alden Richards, here’s the new matinee idol. The picture already tells what we mean. Who would not look at Win Gatchalian when he’s walking down the street?

matinee idol Win Gatchalian

(Source: Win Gatchalian – Facebook Page)

4. Food Critic

If you visit his Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts, it gives you a clue how Kuya Win loves to eat. So, we think he can be a very good food critic if he is not a congressman.

food critic Win Gatchalian

(Source: Win Gatchalian – Facebook Page)

5. Mountaineer

Do you see how relaxed Win Gatchalian is on top of the mountain? This is a proof that if he wasn’t a congressman, we would be seeing him trekking and camping to get close to the nature.

mountaineer Win Gatchalian

6. Pastor

For those who don’t know, Win Gatchalian‘s mother is a pastor. That’s why we think, he would be like his mother if his destiny was not into politics.

pastor Win Gatchalian

7. And of course, Senator

Yes, what else could he be?

senator Win Gatchalian

(Source: Win Gatchalian – Flickr)